Wednesday, October 13, 2010

mood: suar besar & skirt! :)

yeah, mood aku skang ni, seperti mane yg aku da mention kan kt atas ni, suar besar and skirt!minat oh dgn dua bende alah ni! :))
i think , i look better to wear dis! any 'bantahan'?
hmm, why eh?? haha. ade laa. im not suitable even look nice to wear jeans, specially skinny jeans of course;I
here is some of my reason: -lg sopan
                                         -x menampakkan bentuk kaki
                                         -suitable 4 those wear 'tudung'
                                         -sgt2 selesa even bejalan jaoh n di tempat yg panas terik!
                                         -suitable to wear it at anywhere n even anytime(kt class,g town/shopping, & trip)

 so, after dis, im juz looking 4 dis 2 items only! haha. no more selendang, jeans,tshirt!*ye ke qeena??
so, here i wan to show u some fashion dat i follow from mary kates olsen!(just fesyen suar besar)
Let see! mary kate n me:)

dats all!

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